The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (EVC Club)

The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (EVC Club) offers resources including events and workshops to MBA students interested in careers in early-stage companies. Sponsored by the Eship Center, EVC Club connects students with a high-powered alumni network of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and executives.

The Entrepreneurship Center and EVC Club work closely together to offer the Fellowship Summer Internship Program for MBA students interested in pursuing a dynamic career as a founder, funder, growth executive, or early joiner at a startup.

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Carolina THINK

​Carolina THINK raises awareness and interest in entrepreneurship for undergraduates at UNC. Sponsored by the Eship Center, the club helps students discover entrepreneurship as a discipline that expands beyond the confines of a conventional business environment.
combining classroom knowledge with campus resources, Carolina THINK aims to grow awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship to students from all backgrounds. Carolina THINK shows students that everyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur.

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Club Support

Student club leaders wishing to partner with the Entrepreneurship Center on an event or needing help recruiting entrepreneurial speakers, mentors, or funding may contact Aspyn Fulcher, assistant director for student engagement. She will be happy to connect you with resources.

"My experience at UNC Eship Center was a formative part of my professional journey. As an active member of the Venture Capital Investment Competition, Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club, and the Apprenticeship Program I honed my leadership skills and developed a network of mentors in the triangle ecosystem."”

Whitnie Narcisse (MBA '16)