Navigating the Great Pause Webinar Recordings

Wednesday May 13, 2020

The Entrepreneurship Center in partnership with NCGrowth launched a webinar series every Thursday throughout April and May at noon. These events are designed to help our stakeholders and community members make it through the COVID-19 pandemic and come out stronger on the other side. In case you missed any session, we have provided the zoom recordings below:

Leading your Organization & Maintaining Strong Culture in the Midst of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (April 9): In this session we talk specifically about how to keep your team positive and motivated in these challenging times. We share leading indicators to assess if people on a team are struggling, tips for keeping yourself positive, and tips for creating a sense of team and togetherness virtually. Find the recording here.

Assessing Your Situation, Money and Legal Resources (April 16): During this panel, attendees learn from three leading experts on how to assess your own situation, create calm, and then have the ability to operate with a foundation from which to make sound decisions. Panelists with expertise in financial, personnel and legal issues provide insights on those specific topics. In addition, we have an expert who guides businesses on assessing where they stand and developing a framework and timeline of tasks to be accomplished. Find the recording here.

Experts in Leadership, Finance, Operations (April 23): During this panel, business owners and operators hear from a panel of experts regarding leadership, financial, and operational adjustments you need to make in your business during this time of “new normal.” Find the recording here.

Experts in Marketing, Social Media, Client Services, Sales (April 30):During this session, business owners and operators hear from a panel of marketing, social media, client services, and sales experts about the business adjustments needed during this time of “new normal.” Find the recording here.

Preparing for the Big Reboot: Self-Care for Yourself and Your Team (May 7): During this session, business owners and operators hear from a panel of CEOs and founders about how to lead authentically, build strength for change resiliency, and create meaning and purpose for yourself and your organizations. We also explore self-care for yourself and your teams and why that is so important during this time. Find the recording here.

How to Consider Pivoting in the Wake of COVID-19: Case Studies in Real Time (May 14): During this session, we explore case studies that demonstrate how to pivot your business in the wake of COVID-19 with examples from Launch Chapel Hill alums that are making these changes in real time. We also explore what prompted them to pivot and the decision process they went through on figuring out their new business model. And lastly, we discuss how they managed the pivot- what do their new operations entail and what resources did they need? Find the recording here.

Making Progress Together: Interactive Small Group Conversations Led by our Experts (May 21): During this session, we review some of the most common questions that we have received over the series and the results from our surveys on how people are feeling. We then split up into smaller groups using zoom’s breakout room feature. Participants asked questions directly to one of our experts who facilitated a small group discussion. The goal of this session is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders begin preparing both tactically and mentally for this next phase of the Big Reboot. Find the presentation here.

Moving from Pause to Reboot: What Lessons are we Learning from COVID and What’s Next? (May 28) During this session, we set up the ideal state of where business owners and entrepreneurs should be at this point in preparing to plan, given the uncertainty still present. We also define what you need in order to start planning, and how to approach this next phase. Find the recording here and the key takeaway slides here. 

Advice and Insights from Investors During COVID (June 11) This session will highlight three investors, all from different firms with different areas of focus. The panel provides insights into how these investors are approaching and working with their companies during this time, as well as their advice to others on how to think about your own investors and those relationships. Find the recording here.

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