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Webinar Replay: Secrets and Struggles of a Successful Product Launch

March 31, 2021

UNC Scale School instructor and product launch specialist Chris Morrison led a webinar about the secrets and struggles of a successful product launch. He covered everything from the characteristics of a product launch done really well, to the common things that trip people up, to picking the right entry market to start with. Participants emerged with a fuller picture of what a product launch entails and some of the common pitfalls that they’d want to be aware of as they bring new products or services to market. More

5 Secrets for a Successful Product Launch

March 08, 2021

Launching a new product or service requires embracing a different type of sales process. When you launch something new, there's no data, history or proven paths to rely on. You're in unknown territory, and with that, you need to adopt a different mindset and decision-making framework to guide your actions. Scale School instructor Chris Morrison shares five secrets that are critical to embrace when you're bringing something brand new to market. More

2 Trust-Building Exercises for Teams

March 08, 2021

The foundation for any successful team is trust. Cohesive teams trust each other enough to have spirited debates about solving big problems and committing to those solutions -- and genuinely feeling responsible for their outcomes -- even when not everyone agrees. So, cohesiveness is the goal. How do you get there? Scale School instructor Scott Brown shares two trust-building exercises that will build cohesion on your team and a 90-second video message to leaders about how to facilitate them and get it right. More

Branding Checklist for High-Growth Companies

March 08, 2021

Every company needs a brand language that is differentiating, relevant and sustainable.Branding is so much more than a logo. People experience you company in a variety of ways, and each interaction they have -- whether they are verbal, visual or digital experiences -- contribute to their perception of your company, product or service. UNC Scale School instructor Chris Gorges shares this user-friendly checklist that you can use to evaluate and improve your company's branding in four key areas. More

12 DEI Resources for Inclusive Leadership

February 16, 2021

For many company leaders, creating an inclusive environment within their organization is their greatest hope, yet they are uncertain of the strategies, actions and behaviors needed to develop and integrate them in a purposeful way. This guide contains 12 resources to read, watch, listen to or use that will get you started on your journey to becoming a more inclusive leader. Some of these resources are designed to advance diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in your company, some are geared towards developing your personal leadership skills and competency in this area. More

Seven Steps to Effective Marketing

February 04, 2021

Scale School is offering this free guide from one of our expert instructors, Travis Brady. She's outlined how to effectively market your scaling business in seven simple steps. This framework will help anyone in your organization think and execute like a marketer. Travis has perfected this guide in her work with companies large and small. Download your copy today. More

Create 5 Sales Metrics in 3 Minutes with UNC Scale School Instructor Lilly Ferrick

January 11, 2021

Sales process guru and UNC Scale School instructor Lilly Ferrick has put together some tips around one area of sales that is particularly puzzling for entrepreneurs: sales metrics. In this video, she’s given five examples of things you can measure immediately to track and evaluate your sales efforts. More

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UNC Scale School courses are offered on topics such as building inclusive organizations, product launches, leadership, branding, DEI solutions, scaling your operations and finance and more. View our course calendar for the full lineup.

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Scale School, a program of the UNC Entrepreneurship Center at Kenan-Flagler, was created to support scaling and growing ventures and to build the skills of the leaders so they can bring these organizations to the next level. We recognize that rapidly growing organizations have different needs than early stage startups. Scale School brings industry experts and UNC faculty to share the tools and skills that growth-minded companies need. Our five-to-seven week, virtual courses provide the community support and frameworks to implement action immediately in our participants’ organizations.