Scale School

Are you a leader in an organization interested in scaling and growing? Want to level up the skills needed in high-growth, entrepreneurial environments? Then Scale School is for you!

Whether you are a founder of a startup preparing for the scaling phase, or a business owner or leader who wants to take your organization to the next level, these courses provide instruction on relevant topics, the tools to implement them in your organization, and a trusted community to support and challenge you along the way.

Scale School courses are non-credit-bearing, short in nature, and delivered virtually. Topics include: Sales; negotiations; marketing; leadership; branding; financing growth and establishing and growing and inclusive culture. With time and money more precious than ever, we pack in a lot of information, all for a reasonable investment of time and resources.

These courses will provide you the tools to take action so you can immediately implement what you learn into your organization.

Each Scale School course will typically include:

  • Weekly virtual instruction for 4 to 7 weeks
  • Materials to put learning into practice within your own organization
  • Learning alongside a group of your peers in a cohort-based model
  • Support from the broader UNC entrepreneurial community

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Upcoming Courses:

Design a Sales Process that Scales

Dates: Tuesdays | Feb 16 - Mar 30 | Noon – 1:30pm EST

Sales can be a daunting topic for any fast-growing startup or organization. Design a Sales Process that Scales is created for professionals at companies entering a period of rapid growth, and who want to exponentially grow their skills, confidence, and tools in the area of sales alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs. Covering such topics as sales funnels, sales scripting, sales process, and measurement indicators, this Scale School course will equip participants with what they need to take their sales systems and processes to the next level within their organizations. Courses are designed to be highly actionable, so participants will receive a combination of live instructions and tools that can be used immediately within any industry and company.

This course will be helpful if you…

  • Feel lost when it some to sales or don’t know how to navigate or establish a sales process
  • Are part of a company that experienced initial organic growth, but that growth plateaued or you aren’t sure what steps you should be taking for the future
  • Don’t have as many customers as you know you need to build a sustainable business
  • Know you could be more direct in conversations with prospective customers, but you’re not sure what scripts to use in those interactions
  • Feel timid, ineffective or uncertain of your own sales efforts, and you know you could be growing personally in this area
  • Are you spending too much time with potential customers that don’t eventually buy, or you frequently have customers go MIA on you
  • Know you should be analyzing how effective your sales efforts are, but you’re not sure what you should be measuring or how to track it

After this course, you’ll have…

  • Increased clarity on your ideal customers and how to more easily identify and convert them
  • An understanding of essential components of a sales funnel and the actions needed to implement it immediately within your organization
  • Tools that help create a more effective and ease-filled sales process for you and your customer
  • Clear ways to measure your sales efforts, enabling you to focus on most effective activities and limit the ones that don’t serve you
  • A way to accurately communicate your offer to your entire market and repeat the messages that resonate
  • Increased confidence in your own sales abilities that results in a more effortless sales process and increased revenue for your organization

About the Instructor:

Lilly Ferrick
After a decade-long record as a top sales performer within the life science marketing, sports publishing, and advertising industries, Lilly Ferrick founded Lilly Ferrick LLC and has been helping her clients grow by improving their sales process, shortening their sales cycles, and helping them to secure larger, more profitable engagements. Clients include healthcare diagnostic companies, niche marketing agencies, product development, and software companies.

Marketing Essentials to Scale Your Business

Dates: Wednesdays | Feb 17 - Mar 31 | 11am - Noon EST
LEARN MORE: Marketing

Course description:

Marketing can be a challenge for any scaling business. You may be struggling with developing the right messages or the right marketing mix. Or you may be missing revenue goals because your marketing is not delivering results. Our intention in this course is to take you through the seven steps of effective marketing planning delivering a process that you can use over and over to engage customers and exceed business goals. This is not a lecture series, but a workshop meant to teach you how marketers think and the process they go through to plan and analyze the effects of great marketing. When you finish this course, you will have a marketing plan that you can execute.

Whether you’re a founder, C-Suite executive or a manager tasked with aspects of the marketing execution, this course provides you with the fundamental process needed to evolve your marketing plan for your growing organization.

This course will be helpful if you... 

  • Need a more sustainable approach to developing, executing and analyzing your marketing
  • Need to evolve your marketing goals to meet new business objectives 
  • Are missing your sales or revenue goals 
  • Are daunted by marketing analytics and aren’t sure how to set and analyze goals 
  • Need to develop marketing acumen within your team 

After this course, you’ll have...

  • A marketing plan that you can implement 
  • An effective marketing process that you can use again and again to motivate teams, drive business and engage customers
  • A deeper understanding of the essential steps it takes to plan, develop and analyze your marketing efforts from understanding the competition and customer to the details of budgeting and analyzing your efforts.

About the Instructor:

Travis Brady
Travis is a senior marketing leader with deep experience in branding, omni-channel marketing, communications, digital marketing strategies, and market research along with an innate talent for developing and communicating powerful brand stories. She has a proven history of turning around under-performing teams, driving immediate revenue gains, and improving results across all key metrics. Travis has developed and executed marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. Most recently she was Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Half Moon Bay Antigua, a Rosewood resort. She is also a mentor for the Launch Chapel Hill start-up accelerator.

Scaling Fundamentals in Operations and Finance

Dates: Thursdays | Feb 18 - Apr 1 | Noon - 1:00pm EST

Scaling any business is an exercise in balance, with limited resources. Company leaders attempting to take their business to the next level need a broad understanding of how each of their key business areas, and their stakeholders, scale together. From employees to investors, from sales to finance, your growth plans need to balance a wide variety of requirements.

This course will provide a framework to build coordinated plans for five distinct business functions (Revenue, Product, Staffing, Leadership, Capital) rolled up into a master plan for executing on and monitoring your company’s growth. By the end of this six-week course, participants will have the opportunity to complete and receive feedback on a comprehensive, new, or revised plan for growth. Courses are designed to be highly actionable, so participants will receive a combination of live instructions and tools that can be used immediately within any industry and company.

This course will be helpful if you…

  • Are preparing to embark on a growth strategy or are already feeling the growing pains from business expansion
  • Recently raised capital, or are in the process of fundraising, and you want to make sure you spend money in a balanced and impactful way
  • Have successfully launched your business and are ready for the next phase of growth, and you’re craving a plan to stay focused on the right activities
  • Instinctively know you should be paying more attention to key areas – like staffing and company culture – but you aren’t sure how to most efficiently divide your time
  • Are working in an environment where everyone wears a lot of hats, and you need to create a plan to hire and develop the right people as you scale
  • Are a recovering perfectionist who could personally improve their ability to prioritize time and manage many tasks effectively
  • Recognize that as a leader in a fast-growing company, you “don’t know what you don’t know,” and you wish to acquire that knowledge quickly

After this course, you’ll have…

  • Defined what growth means for your company
  • Created a plan for how to scale your organization in five critical business areas
  • Clear ways to measure what make sense for your organization based on your values and your growth plan
  • A deeper sense of who you are as a leader and the value of building your personal agility
  • A toolkit of skills that will enable you to build a strong team and company culture as your organization scales
  • A plan for how to recognize the need to shift, and implement changes, when a new time or resource constraint arises
  • Increased confidence in your own leadership abilities that results in a more focused and seamless execution of your organization’s growth plans

What’s covered:

Week 1: Foundational Scaling Principles
Week 2: Scaling Teams
Week 3: Financial Forecasting
Week 4: Operational Planning and Implementation
Week 5: Capital Strategy
Week 6: Comprehensive Operational and Financial Planning

About the Instructor:

Gary Traynor
Preferred pronouns (he/him/his)

Gary’s background is a unique combination of investment banking and startup operating experiences, ranging from IPOs and M&A for technology companies, to building scalable operating platforms and raising over $150 million in venture capital across seven different tech companies. He helps founders do what they do best – create, innovate and sell – while preparing them to scale their business with an operational & financial strategy. One of his specialties is in guiding early-stage, venture-backed companies through the first and second rounds of capital raising (A&B rounds) while strategically balancing the precarious tension between adding scale and preserving capital.

Building Equitable Organizations on Purpose

Dates: Tuesdays | Mar 16 - Apr 27 | 4:30pm - 6:00pm EST

For many company leaders, creating an inclusive environment within their organization is their greatest hope, yet they are uncertain of the strategies, actions and behaviors needed to develop and integrate inclusion in a purposeful way. This course is designed for organizational leaders who want to either transform their existing organization to be more equitable, or to build a new venture that includes equity as a core focus from the beginning. Participants will be guided through the process of creating their own equity-oriented organizational strategy, learn key leadership practices needed to create and sustain an inclusive culture in their company and leave feeling empowered to put everything into action.

This course will be helpful if you... 

  • Want to build or evolve a company with inclusion at the center, but you’re unsure how to bring it to life in real ways at an organizational level
  • Have team members who look to you for leadership in this area, and you’re worried you’re going to say or do the wrong thing
  • May have experienced past examples of organizations that were not inclusive, and you know that’s the opposite of what you’re aiming to create
  • Are leading a company through a period of growth or transition, and you have an opportunity to bring diversity, equity and inclusion into the conversation
  • Are committed to personally growing your leadership skills in this area and would value a safe space and trusted group of peers to learn alongside
  • Crave tools, examples and strategies on how you intentionally bring equity to the forefront of your company in meaningful ways

After this course, you’ll have...

  • Identified which areas in your organization require more focus in order for you to fully embody inclusion
  • Ability to articulate why equity is a core value/focus for your organization
  • Knowledge of what a scaling company looks like that has inclusion at its center 
  • A framework for equity-oriented leadership, practice applying what you’ve learned and increased confidence in your own ability to lead in this area
  • An equity-oriented organizational strategy that includes goals and ready-to-implement actions that make sense for your company

About the Instructor:

Camille Warren

Camille Warren, MPA is a social scientist and educator with more than a decade of experience facilitating transformational systems change toward equity in public and private organizations. Her professional praxis focuses on examining issues of structural inequity with a particular focus on race and gender. Because transformational change requires agents within systems to take up the work, the primary motive of Ms. Warren’s facilitation is to empower people and nurture their capacity to engage in and lead their own inquiry and change processes.

Most recently, Ms. Warren served as an instructor and the Managing Director of Research for the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. In her role at Duke, Ms. Warren led all diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts for her entire department and also served on a university-wide coalition of DEI leaders. Prior to that role, she helped found and served as the Associate Director of Research for six years at the Great Lakes Equity Center at Indiana University. This Center is one of four Equity Assistance Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education to partner with the Department of Justice and Office for Civil Rights to promote equity in public educational agencies. Currently, she is focusing on building her private consulting practice and teaching. Ms. Warren holds a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree from Indiana University.

Branding For Growth-Stage Companies

Dates: Wednesdays | Apr 14 - May 12 | 4:30 - 6:00pm EST
LEARN MORE: Branding

Course description:

People are influenced by visual elements like your logo or brand colors, messages being communicated on your channels and live or digital experiences they have with your brand. As they receive this information, they begin to form perceptions about your company in their mind. Establishing a clear and consistent brand externally across all your channels and internally throughout your company is essential for adding value in your organization and attracting the right customers to your business. There are elements of branding that need to be defined in visual and verbal ways, and then there are key frameworks useful in incorporating experiential elements across pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase customer interactions. This course will give participants a solid sense of what branding entails for their company, help to define the brand levers to pull and methodologies for brand-building that will benefit your organization the most. 

About the Instructor:

Chris Gorges
Chris is an independent brand strategy and design consultant, and the founder / CEO of Thompson & Prince and Everharbor. Previously, he was Managing Director at Infinia Group, and before that at Havas Worldwide New York following a stint as a freelance strategy consultant at a number of creative agencies. He mentors and advises startups via a number of accelerators, incubators, and VC organizations, including Big Idea Ventures, Carbon Ventures, Acceleprise, XRC Labs, RetailXelerator, VentureOut, Launch Chapel Hill, and WeWork Labs. He holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, where he specialized in Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Finance, and an undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Leading a Successful Launch: Bringing New Products and Services to Market

Dates: Wednesdays | Apr 14 - May 26
LEARN MORE: Product Launch

Launching a new product or service requires embracing a different type of sales process. Whether it’s your first time entering the market, or a shift away from what your company has launched in the past, there are no historical models, pricing data, or sales messages that have been proven to bring in customers. The Leading a Successful Launch course will cover topics such as creating a repeatable sales process, establishing key milestones, evaluating successes and failures, and how to hire and build the right sales team. You will be guided through the process of crafting and implementing a sales plan that will set you up to successfully bring a new product or service to market. Courses are designed to be highly actionable, so participants will receive a combination of live instructions and tools that can be used immediately within their company.

This course will be helpful if you…

  • Are launching a new product or service for the first time, and you want to get it right
  • You are worried about missing your revenue targets for a product launch, or have already experienced the pain of a failed launch and don’t want to repeat the same mistakes
  • Feel uncertain that you have chosen the right customer or market to focus on, and you’d like to validate it before your launch
  • Are responsible for a launch team, and you want them to feel equipped and supported
  • May already have a successful launch under your belt, but you’re ready to launch something different and you’re not sure where to start

After this course, you’ll have…

  • Created a plan to confidently launch a new product or service within your organization
  • Knowledge to validate that you’ve aligned your sales efforts with the right customers for your new product or service
  • Clarity on how to define, measure and track what a successful product or service launch looks like for your company
  • Tools to help you assemble and manage the best possible team of people to support your launch efforts
  • Ability to monitor how your launch is going, and the confidence to get your marketing strategy back on track when you see early signs of challenges

What’s covered:

  • Weeks 1 and 2: Intro to Agile Market Entry framework, customer discovery and your minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Weeks 3 and 4: Building a launch team, metrics for success, and executing the launch
  • Week 5: Reaching scale and looking toward the next markets

About the Instructor:

Chris Morrison
Chris Morrison is the creator of Agile Market Entry (AME), a time-tested framework for entering markets with new and disruptive technologies that works for large, multi-national sales teams as well as the startup. Applicable to both external product launches as well as new internal projects, Chris helps clients quickly and efficiently discover and codify the repeatable sales process to be delivered to the professional sales team to scale revenue.

Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

Dates: Tuesdays | Apr 13 - May 18 | Noon EST
LEARN MORE: Leadership

Scaling a business is hard, risky work for everyone involved. Before asking others to follow them on this journey, leadership teams should ensure that they are operating at peak performance. While a loosely connected group of smart, hard-working individuals can muddle through, a tight-knit and committed team at the top is like rocket fuel for a scaling business. In this course, participants will learn to master the five behaviors that lead to a cohesive team: deep trust, healthy conflict, commitment to decisions, holding one another accountable, and focusing on results.  This course is designed for founders, CEO’s and C-Suite members and is heavily weighted towards active learning, including group discussions, individual work, and breakout sessions. Bringing multiple members of a senior team will significantly increase your value from this course!

This course will be helpful for senior leaders who... 

  • Believe their team could be more impactful, even if they are currently successful
  • Have seen signs of a lack of commitment or follow-through from members of their team
  • Aren’t convinced that the whole team is “rowing in the same direction”

After this course, you’ll have…

  • An actionable plan for building cohesiveness on your team
  • An understanding of what it takes to build trust between team members
  • Tools for building commitment to decisions and encouraging accountability for outcomes
  • Better ability to spot and address relationship issues between team members that can impact the team’s effectiveness

What’s covered:

Week 1: Overview of the five behaviors necessary to build an effective team
Week 2: Building Trust on the team
Week 3: Keys to healthy conflict
Week 4: Getting to commitment
Week 5: Encouraging accountability
Week 6: Focusing on results

About the Instructor:

Scott Brown
Scott, who describes himself as absolutely addicted to seeing people and organizations get better day after day, is the founder of Stone House Consulting. They advise leaders on the strategy and tactics necessary to build the culture they need to thrive and coach them to rise to their potential. Prior to becoming a consultant, Scott spent 20 years in the government sector, beginning as an active-duty United States Marine and ending as the Director of the Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program for the NC Department of Justice. Since leaving government service, Scott has helped build world-class cultures in dozens of manufacturing plants and in small to mid-sized companies spanning several industries. He is currently a Professor of the Practice in Entrepreneurial Leadership at the UNC Entrepreneurship Center at the Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Solutions (DEIS) Certificate Program

Dates: Monthly on 2nd Tuesdays | Aug 2021 - Jan 2022 | 1:00 - 3:00pm EST

Course description:

The Entrepreneurship Center at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School is proud to work with Rodney Sampson’s OHUB to bring the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Solutions (DEIS) Certificate Program to organizational leaders through Scale School. This one-of-a-kind certificate program is designed as an immersive, six-month engagement to create and integrate solutions that effectively operationalize diversity, equity and inclusion solutions (DEIS) into all key facets of your company. It features a framework of best practices and culturally competent insight to help you identify and implement the actions that will lead to advancing your organization’s market share, economic output and shareholder value while developing your strengths as a transformational leader in your industry and ecosystem.  

Each month, participants will engage with nationally known experts to understand how they critically examine key business functions such as board governance, talent, procurement, product development, go-to-market, investment and impact  through a lens of equity. You’ll be guided through the process of developing your own DEI strategy by creating a DEIS Canvas that will serve as a visual plan to implement within your company. Throughout the six-month program, you’ll create a roadmap for your organization, start implementing it and get real-time feedback from experts and trusted peers as you execute.

The DEIS Practicum Certificate is different from other diversity and inclusion programming because of its focus on application. At the beginning, each participant will take the Personal Diversity Paradigm created by the late Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr., “The Father of Diversity Management.” The Personal Diversity Paradigm (PDP) identifies 4 dominant paradigms (or perspectives) individuals can hold about diversity. Understanding how underlying beliefs about diversity relate to your diversity management goals is a critical step for moving to the next level with diversity and sustaining your organization's efforts, regardless of where it is in its development process. Throughout the program, participants will develop their DEIS Canvas framed after the Business Model Canvas. At the conclusion, each participant will receive a DEIS Practicum Certificate, will have completed a strategy and solutions document that they can implement in their respective organizations and will have access to the DEIS content as a reference and guide for future use. 

This certificate will be helpful if you ... 

  • Are ready to be sacrificial in your racial equity journey, professionally and personally 
  • Embrace the idea of creating an equitable company  and are committed to driving change throughout  your organization, but lack the tools and tactics needed to operationalize DEIS in your company and beyond
  • Have the ability to direct budget towards operationalizing  DEIS across your governance, talent, procurement, product development, go-to-market, investment and impact
  • Desire to equitably diversify your board, C-suite and beyond within the next six to 12 months
  • Aim to measure how your company is doing on DEIS initiatives, but you’re not sure what metrics you should establish, how to measure progress or and what to monitor
  • Would benefit from being able to articulate the economic and financial benefits of building an inclusive organization to your internal and external stakeholders
  • Want to build strength as a leader in the area of DEI as a way to drive equity based impact for your employees, suppliers, customers, investors and communities you serve. 

After this course, you’ll have ...

  • Created a roadmap in collaboration with instructors and peer participants to create a more equitable organization in all aspects of your business
  • Evolved your knowledge and application of DEI soutions, the value they bring and how to integrate these into the governance, culture and processes in your organization
  • Knowledge on how to set baselines and goals around your DEI initiatives, create an ongoing process to measure your progress and adjust as improvements are needed
  • Built relationships with other transformational leaders who will support your work as an individual and within your organization in the future
  • Taken a giant step towards ensuring that you attract and retain a talented intersectional diverse team that can support your organization as it grows

What’s covered:

  • Introduction to DEIS Framework and Canvas
  • Introduction to Personal Diversity Paradigm
  • Corporate Governance and Board
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Product Development
  • Go-To-Market
  • Investment, On-and-Off Balance Sheet
  • Social and Economic Impact

About the Instructor:

Rodney Sampson

Throughout his twenty year entrepreneurial career, Rodney Sampson has co-founded startup companies that have overcome the odds by collectively raising more than $20 million in angel and venture capital, created hundreds of new jobs and generated tens of millions in revenue before acquisition or going public.

Rodney is the Executive Chairman & CEO of OHUB and OHUB Foundation, the General Partner of 100 Black Angels and Allies Fund and works closely with high growth startups and seed stage venture funds as a selective advisor, investor and limited partner. His current investment and advisory portfolio include Cross Culture Ventures, Leadout Capital, TechSquare Capital, Digit, York Exponential,, Patientory and Momentum Learning. 

He co-founded, built and sold multiple companies, has written a best-selling book, Kingonomics, and previously served as the first Head of Diversity at Mark Burnett Productions, executive producers of the hit ABC show, ABC’s Sharktank. Rodney is currently a Keohane Distinguished Visiting Professorship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University.

Course Fee:
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Black Technology Ecosystem Investment Certificate

Dates: Monthly on 2nd Thursdays | Aug 2021 - Jan 2022 | 1:00 - 3:00pm EST
LEARN MORE: Investors

Course description:

Scale School, a program of The Entrepreneurship Center at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, is proud to offer a new, ground breaking program from Rodney’s Sampson’s 100 Black Angels & Allies Fund: the Black Technology Ecosystem Investment Certificate. This program will provide in-depth training on the tactics, nuances and strategies required to become a knowledgeable investor in high-growth technology startups and venture funds. It is uniquely designed for aspiring Black and ally investors who want to specifically invest in the Black technology, startup and venture fund deal flow.

There is a striking lack of investment in Black-founded companies and of Black decision-makers in venture capital. Experts estimated that in 2019 U.S.-based companies received $136.5 billion of venture investment;* and yet in 2018, less than one percent of venture capital dollars went to Black startup founders.* In addition, the number of Black decision-makers in venture capital dropped to just one percent in 2018.* In consideration of this data and the SEC’s recent modernization of its Accredited Investor Definition in August 2020, this first-in-kind Investment Certificate will unlock a new class of angel and venture fund investors in the Black technology, startup and venture ecosystem.

Covering topics such as modernization of SEC regulations, development of an investment thesis, startup investing, venture fund investment, equity crowdfunding, special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC’s), risk assessment, diligence considerations, legal considerations and tax considerations, this six-month, comprehensive certificate program provides hands-on learning into what it takes to become an investor in early stage companies and venture funds, particularly companies with Black founders and fund managers. Participants will learn from nationally known subject matter experts, including investors and fund managers while gaining first hand experience with what it takes to confidently invest in this asset class in a way that advances racial equity and new wealth creation.

* Sources include: PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor, Silicon Valley Bank, The Washington Post

This course will be helpful if you ... 

  • Are a current or aspiring angel or venture fund investor with plans to invest in the next six to 12 months
  • Interested in investing in startups, venture funds and ecosystem development companies that have Black founders
  • Want to gain the knowledge and skills to invest in venture-backable companies and venture funds
  • Are motivated to apply your skills as an investor to advance racial equity within the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Want to understand the regulations and risks associated with investing in early stage companies
  • Embrace leveraging your time, talents and treasures in a way that aligns with your values of strengthening the Black startup ecosystem

After this course, you’ll have...

  • Gained a deep understanding of the regulatory and legal landscape for investing in early stage ventures 
  • Knowledge of how to apply what you’ve learned to confidently become an investor in early stage companies and seed stage funds
  • Experience with the essential components of evaluating and making investments such as conducting diligence, negotiating term sheets and tax implications
  • Relationships with the national players in the Black technology, startup and venture ecosystem
  • Access to the Black fund managers that are currently raising and investing in this emerging asset class

What’s covered:

  • Angel and Venture Fund Investing In the Black technology, startup and venture ecosystem
  • An Introduction to the History and Modernization of Angel and Venture Capital Investing in America; and Its Potential to Impact Black American Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Navigating the Black Technology, Startup and Venture Ecosystem
  • Understanding SEC Regulations, Legal Terms and Risk Assessment When Investing in Early Stage Companies
  • The JOBS Act and Equity Crowdfunding
  • Direct Startup Investing and Diligence Considerations
  • Venture Fund Investing, Fund Construction and Diligence
  • Deciphering Investment Questionnaires and Negotiating Terms Sheets
  • Post Investment Mentorship and Advising
  • Accounting, Taxes and Exits
  • Radical Collaboration for Black Wealth Creation

About the Instructor:

Rodney Sampson

Throughout his twenty year entrepreneurial career, Rodney Sampson has co-founded startup companies that have overcome the odds by collectively raising more than $20 million in angel and venture capital, created hundreds of new jobs and generated tens of millions in revenue before acquisition or going public.

Rodney is the Executive Chairman & CEO of OHUB and OHUB Foundation, the General Partner of 100 Black Angels and Allies Fund and works closely with high growth startups and seed stage venture funds as a selective advisor, investor and limited partner. His current investment and advisory portfolio include Cross Culture Ventures, Leadout Capital, TechSquare Capital, Digit, York Exponential,, Patientory and Momentum Learning. 

He co-founded, built and sold multiple companies, has written a best-selling book, Kingonomics, and previously served as the first Head of Diversity at Mark Burnett Productions, executive producers of the hit ABC show, ABC’s Sharktank. Rodney is currently a Keohane Distinguished Visiting Professorship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University.

Course Fee:

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