Aspyn Fulcher

Interim Associate Director

Which DEI training or other training courses have you participated in?

Green Zone, Safe Zone, Mental Health First Aid, HAVEN, OneAct, Opening Doors (UNC School of Medicine), Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox, Implicit Bias, Working with Undocumented Youth webinar (UNC School of Education)

Students, alums, and community members should come to me for help with

questions about student programming at the Eship Center (including the workshops, mentoring, competitions, student clubs, funding opportunities, and internships) and navigating other resources within the entrepreneurship ecosystem at UNC. If you want to build your entrepreneurial mindset and skill set, but aren’t sure where to plug in, I’m here to help!

Fun Fact

I’m a first-generation college graduate from UNC where I studied psychology, drama, and entrepreneurship.

Favorite TV series or movie

Parks and Rec