Scale School

Are you a leader in an organization interested in scaling and growing? Want to level up the skills needed in high-growth, entrepreneurial environments? Then Scale School is for you!

Whether you are a founder of a startup preparing for the scaling phase, or a business owner or leader who wants to take your organization to the next level, these courses provide instruction on relevant topics, the tools to implement them in your organization, and a trusted community to support and challenge you along the way.

Scale School courses are non-credit-bearing, short in nature, and delivered virtually. Topics include: B2B sales; negotiations; succession planning; and establishing and growing and inclusive culture. With time and money more precious than ever, we pack in a lot of information, all for a reasonable investment of time and resources.

These courses will provide you the tools to take action so you can immediately implement what you learn into your organization.

Each Scale School course will typically include:

  • Weekly virtual instruction for 4 to 6 weeks
  • Materials to put learning into practice within your own organization
  • Learning alongside a group of your peers in a cohort-based model
  • Support from the broader UNC entrepreneurial community

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Upcoming Courses:

Sales and Marketing to Drive Growth in Startups

Dates: 5 sessions on Tuesdays | Feb 16, Feb 23, Mar 2, Mar 9, Mar 16 | Noon – 1:30pm EST

Sales and marketing can be a daunting topic for any fast-growing startup or organization.Sales and Marketing to Drive Growth in Startups is designed for professionals at companies entering a period of rapid growth, and who want to exponentially grow their skills, confidence, and tools in the area of sales and marketing alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs. Covering such topics as sales funnels, customer interviews, marketing plans, and measurement indicators, this Scale School course will equip participants with what they need to take their sales and outreach efforts to the next level within their organizations. Courses are designed to be highly actionable, so participants will receive a combination of live instructions and tools that can be used immediately within any industry and company.

Introduction to Scaling: An Organizational Plan for Growth

Dates: Coming Spring 2021

Company leaders attempting to take their business to the next level need a broad understanding of how each of their key business areas, and their stakeholders, scale together. This course will provide a framework to build coordinated plans for five distinct business functions (Revenue, Product, Staffing, Leadership, Capital) rolled up into a master plan for executing on and monitoring your company’s growth. By the end of this six-week course, participants will have completed and received feedback on a comprehensive, new, or revised plan for growth.

Marketing for the Rapidly Growing Company

Dates: Coming Spring 2021

Branding and Brand-Building

Dates: Coming Spring 2021

Establishing a clear and consistent brand across all your channels and throughout your company is essential for driving momentum and value in your organization. There are elements of branding that need to be defined in visual and verbal ways, and then there are the frameworks needed to incorporate experiential elements across pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase customer interactions. This course will give participants a solid sense of what branding entails for their company, provide tools and methodologies for internal and external brand-building and help define the brand levers to pull that will result in increased value for their organizations.

Leading a Successful Launch: Bringing New Products and Services to Market

Dates: Coming Spring 2021

Launching a new product or service requires embracing a different type of sales process. Whether it’s your first time entering the market, or a shift away from what your company has launched in the past, there are no historical models, pricing data, or sales messages that have been proven to bring in customers. The Leading a Successful Launch course will cover topics such as creating a repeatable sales process, establishing key milestones, evaluating successes and failures, and how to hire and build the right sales team. You will be guided through the process of crafting and implementing a sales plan that will set you up to successfully bring a new product or service to market. Courses are designed to be highly actionable, so participants will receive a combination of live instructions and tools that can be used immediately within their company.

Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

Dates: Coming Spring 2021

Before any startup can successfully scale, they must first ensure that their senior leadership team is a cohesive unit and operating at their highest capacity. And in order for a team to perform at their best, establishing trust is essential. In this course, participants will learn how to build trust on their team, how to foster an environment where healthy conflict occurs and how to establish agreements on their team that will enable a greater focus on results for the business.  This course is designed for founders, CEO and C-Suite members and is heavily weighted towards active learning including group discussions, individual work and breakout sessions.

About the UNC Eship Center

We create a better world by inspiring, motivating, and developing entrepreneurial leaders from diverse backgrounds who can recognize opportunities and solve complex problems that lead to positive social change. We achieve this by connecting our world-class research with our exceptional hands-on teaching and practice.

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We know that entrepreneurship in itself is already challenging without the additional barriers that diverse communities face. We are committed to using our platform to bridge the gap and serve as a model by upholding our core value of inclusion. We invite each member of our community to always bring your authentic selves and experiences as you join us on this journey.

Sponsored by The Entrepreneurship Center at Kenan-Flagler, courses will be taught by The Entrepreneurship Center and partners such as Launch Chapel Hill.</strong

Level up the skills needed in high-growth, entrepreneurial environments today.

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