Events & Opportunities

Fireside Chat with Eric Happel

Wednesday January 13, 2021 • Online • Open to all

In our first session for the spring semester (and 5th talk overall), we are featuring Eric Happel. Eric currently works at Nike setting strategy and guidelines for Nike partner stores in over 30 countries around the world. Nike partner stores are owned and operated by third parties but offering only Nike products and services. Prior work at Nike included driving product sustainability strategy for Nike and business development for affiliate brands owned by Nike. Eric has also been an entrepreneur twice and an investor in an active angel fund in Portland Oregon. Most recently from 2008-2013 he helped raise funds and grow an apparel brand in Portland called Wicked Quick. While not a completely successful venture, it did have some high points and many learning opportunities. Eric's career has also included spending time in the non-profit world teaching school in South Africa as a volunteer and supporting democracy's in southern and west Africa through programs such as voter education and parliamentary training programs. Join us as Eric describes his decision to leave Nike for a startup, his experience building a startup and then his return to Nike with his newfound knowledge and skills. More

Fireside Chat with Leo & Ronda: How to Create an Inclusive Culture

Wednesday February 10, 2021 • Online • Open to all

In our second session for the spring semester (and 6th talk overall), we are featuring the work and efforts surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion of a partner in our ecosystem, Adwerx. We chat with their VP of People Operations Leo D’Agostino to hear about their progress they have made to intentionally focus on DEI programming and training they are planning to re-affirm a culture of inclusion for their workplace. Though we are all still learning while doing the work, we believe it is invaluable to hear firsthand the proactive approaches that they are taking to integrate DEI into their current operations, future growth and any challenges that they are facing. This will be an authentic conversation for our community of entrepreneurs, business leaders and students with ventures to hear about Adwerx’s experience and intentionality behind DEI as they are growing and expanding thier staff and culture. More