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Startup UNC

Formerly called Launch the Venture, this new ventures course helps students, faculty, staff, and alumni take a business idea or scientific innovation to market. The course spans the development process starting with assessing students’ ideas and technologies and ending in the development of a strategic roadmap and financial plans for launching the business.

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New Ventures Discovery and New Ventures Launch

This two class series, for online and executive MBA students only, introduces the tools and skills necessary to create and grow a successful new venture. Designed to simulate the real-life activities of entrepreneurs in the start-up stage of a new venture, the courses give students insight into the elements required to start a new business. Students hear first-hand from successful entrepreneurs about their journey.

New Ventures Discovery, offered in the spring semester, allows students to develop their venture ideas and form teams. After completing this class, students may take the New Ventures Launch course (nicknamed “Soft Launch”) in the fall semester during which they build out their business idea to the point where they are ready to launch it. The final presentation in the class is the “soft launch” of students’ business.

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Global Entrepreneurship Lab (GEL)

An immersive course and study trip, the Global Entrepreneurship Lab gives Executive MBA students hands-on experience in an international entrepreneurial venture. GEL student teams serve as consultants to a funded high-growth venture outside of the United States, working directly with the venture’s founder and team. Students consult with the international venture on a core element of their strategy, providing analysis and clarity on several issues central to the growth and scale of the venture.

The 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Lab was held in Copenhagen, Denmark as was the initial GEL study trip in May 2012.

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Startup Consulting

The Startup Consulting Program provides MBA students with an experiential learning opportunity to serve as consultants to early-stage, UNC-affiliated startup companies. Through these consulting projects, students hone their skills in entrepreneurship and startup development through hands-on work while simultaneously expanding their entrepreneurial network of startup founders, advisors, and management teams.

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Ted Zoller

“I came out of the New Ventures Course with a better value proposition, a tighter elevator pitch and the confidence to continue developing my venture.”

Kyle Buchanan (EMBA '17)