Entrepreneurs Genome Project

The Entrepreneur’s Genome Project is designed to identify the diverse responses successful entrepreneurs give to the following question: “What is the secret sauce of entrepreneurship?” Ultimately, we are interested in discovering what factors led to the biggest breaks (and greatest setbacks!) in the entrepreneurial journey of these individuals and how these contributed to their overall success. By unpacking the stories of our entrepreneurial alumni, we are identifying commonalities and patterns in their experiences to distinguish drivers of success. A visual summary of some of our early findings is included below.

Dealmakers Research

We have identified patterns among communities of certain individuals (called Dealmakers) that are vital to the connectivity of the entrepreneurial network. These Dealmakers should be intentionally leveraged through programs such as the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network in order to strengthen a region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs Genome Project

“You can look at their story based on the things that they’ve (serial entrepreneurs) learned, and we’re trying to accelerate that learning while they’re here in school by exposing them to those lessons up front.”

Ted Zoller