Mission and Values


We create a better world by inspiring, motivating, and developing entrepreneurial leaders from diverse backgrounds who can recognize opportunities and solve complex problems that lead to positive social change. We achieve this by connecting our world-class research with our exceptional hands-on teaching and practice.

What We Do

We inspire, motivate, and develop the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. We do this by exposing individuals from a variety of backgrounds to new ideas, mentors, and methods, and we teach them how to recognize opportunities, solve complex problems, and scale solutions. We help life-long learners identify the opportunities they have to create a positive impact in the world, both locally and globally.


  • Collaborative: True collaboration doesn’t happen by accident. By seeking opportunities to create with others, we ALL benefit. Internally, our aim is to support and encourage one another as individuals as well as team members. Being collaborative with external partners means recognizing the strengths of others and being deliberate about how we can better serve our community.
  • Forward Thinking: We work hand-in-hand with founders and entrepreneurial thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds and specialties to stay abreast of emerging trends in entrepreneurship. We believe in maintaining an innovative and forward-thinking position with an open mind, actively engaging and synthesizing the latest breakthroughs to serve as a role model for emerging entrepreneurs. We act as an honest and respected broker of best practices to grow and scale game-changing ventures that better society. We serve as a catalyst to inform and support the latest trends for our researchers and scholars and practitioners to translate to the entrepreneurial community.
  • Fun: We believe in finding the fun in everything we do, in both our professional and personal lives. Serious and important work doesn’t have to be boring; learning and innovating can and should be fun. Fun comes through bringing our whole selves to a project and the workplace while we also encourage one another to find joy, creativity, and passion in our work. We should laugh at ourselves, and with others, on a daily basis in a way that uplifts us and draws us closer together. At the Eship Center, our embodiment of fun in the workplace is being a pair of blue jeans in a sea of blue blazers.
  • Inclusive: Inclusion should be integrated into all of the work that we do. We will strive to remove silos from our workplace and practice inclusion among team members who can contribute to the effectiveness and success of our work. We serve an increasingly diverse group of students who want to and should bring their whole selves. We want everyone we serve to feel a sense of belonging and representation in the community which supports their journey. We will continue to prioritize and integrate inclusivity in our programs and recruitment practices. We are intentional about sharing our goals and strategies focused on inclusion to serve as a model for the greater community.
  • Pay it Forward: No one in the entrepreneurial community finds success on their own. Everyone has had help and support, whether from a mentor, colleague, investor, friends or family. For the entrepreneurial community to continue to thrive and grow, we must continue to invest in and support those coming behind us, whether as a mentor, an investor or funder, or as an encourager. Every venture has the opportunity to have a positive impact in its community and help create positive change in the world around us. This generosity of spirit can be offered through a venture’s product and service or through its employees giving back in their local community.
  • Self-actualization: Entrepreneurship is a life-long journey which begins with knowing who you are, recognizing your passions, and aspiring to become the person you want to be. Entrepreneurship can be a means to carve your own path, be prepared to overcome challenges when the path changes, and find success along the way. Entrepreneurship makes space for everyone to be their whole, authentic self. This path is not just about your venture; it’s also about you. In order to impact the world, you also have to take care of yourself.
  • Self-care: Work is just one piece of who we are as individuals. In order to thrive, each person needs to have compassion for themselves and their loved ones. This entails everyone taking care of their own mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. The entrepreneur’s path can be very lonely and exhausting and mental health is often adversely affected. When we prioritize our own self-care and relationships, other parts of life (including work or our venture) thrive as well.

We inspire, motivate, and develop the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.